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New Digital Radios - A Revolution Is Underway

Remember analog TV? The picture was fuzzy and functions like video on-demand were not possible. Today's digital TVs have pictures so clear they seem better than reality sometimes. And you can stream video from numerous sources, surf the web, or make video phone calls.
The same transformation occurred with phones. Voice distortion, background noise, and static are common in analog phones. Think 'cell phones' when you think about the quality of digital voice communications. Yes there may be some dead spots, but generally the audio is very clear. And let's not forget about all the apps now available for smart phones. You can find a near-by coffee shop, text your next appointment to say you're running late, or get a map and directions to where you are headed. Digital technology brings with it capabilities that allow for a multitude of new functions.


The Digital Revolution & 2-Way Radios

The digital revolution is beginning to make a real impact on 2-way radio communications. Today's new digital radios deliver the clarity of cell phone audio, along with added functions such as text messaging. Not to mention advantages such as longer battery life and double calling capacity. Will there be a “smart” 2-way radio? As with cell phones and TVs, we are beginning to see new functions. And once digital applications become widely available the business justification for moving to digital becomes even stronger.

But you don't need to chuck all your old analog radios just yet. Today's digital two-way radios have dual analog and digital capability. Allowing you a smooth transition to the digital world. But digital radios, when operated in digital mode, can provide better voice quality, longer battery life, improved coverage, enhanced functions such as text messages, additional call management features, and greater privacy inherent in the way digital voice transmissions work.

Vertex Standard recently announced a new series of digital radios. The eVerge EVX Series includes the EVX-261, EVX-S24, EVX-531, EVX-534, and EVX-539 handheld radios. Priced on-par with mid-range analog radios, the new radios are similar to Vertex's popular VX-231 and VX-450 series in terms of features and function. However, they've added dual digital / analog capability for very little price increase. They've also announced 2 new digital mobile radios, the EVX-5300 and EVX-5400 mobile radios. Again building off their popular VX-4500 / VX-4600 series radios but adding digital capability.

Icom has recently announced a number of new digital radios, the IC-F1000D, IC-F2000D low-cost radios, IC-F3230D and the IC-F4230D and IC-F3260D mid-tier radios, and the IC-F3400D and IC-F4400D high-end radios. Again, these radios are priced very competitively to their analog counterparts.


Why Move to Digital Now?

So why consider digital 2-way radio now? Because 2-way radios are an investment in your business' competitiveness. Most businesses report having their radios for 10 years or more. There is so much more you can do with digital technology beyond talking. Who could have imagined all the new capabilities a cell phone would have once smart phones and their applications arrived? The same will be true of digital two-way radios going forward. As new applications are developed to address key business requirements, digital 2-way radios will give real advantages to those businesses who adopt the technology. Now with digital radios priced closer to their analog cousins, maybe it's time you considered digital radios for your next purchase.

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