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Icom Radio Antennas

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We carry replacement antennas for your Icom two way radio. Just select the model of your Icom radio to see which antennas to use.

Flexible antenna for 146-174MHz VHF (Red tip).   Use with radios;  IC-F3001, F3011, F14, F3101D, F3021, F3161...
Flexible antenna for 430-470MHz UHF (Red tip).   Use with radios;  IC-F4001, F4011, F24, F4101D, F4021, F4161...
Stubby antenna 450-470MHz UHF (red tip). Use with radios IC-F4001, F4011, F24, F4101D, F4021, F4161...
Icom IP100H Antenna - P/N 3310004800. These are the newer antenna design for the IP100H radios by Icom...
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