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Best Two Way Radios for Restaurants

Best Radios for Restaurants

The fast pace of service, high volume turn-over, and security are just some of the challenges you face when running a restaurant. When things are moving fast, with lot's of customers and personnel to manage, communication is one of the most important factors to help you be successful. Two-way radios can be the key to happy customers, productive employees, and smoother operations. Your work is mostly indoors so we recommend UHF radios for better signal reception.

Restaurants need radios that are: easy to use, durable, clear audio, affordable.

BlackBox Pocket Two Way Radio - Onsite Usage 16 Channels Easy to Use 1.5 Watts - Designed for Onsite Usage Analog UHF Only Audio Connector:   2-pin connector (Kenwood-K1, OTTO-KA) Scrambler & Scan Functions Repeater Capable 3 Year Warranty BlackBox Pocket Ra..
Kenwood ProTalk NX-P500 | Digital Small Two-Way RadioThis little radio has so much to offer.Log in for price... required by manufacturer 2 Watts UHF (450-470MHz) 6 Channels 99 Pre-Stored FrequenciesEasy User Setup Dual Mode Digital & Analog S..
Kenwood ProTalk PKT-23 - Ultra Lite 1.5 Watt, 4 Channels UHF Business Two-way Radio99 Pre-programmed Frequencies for Easy User Setup Credit Card Size 3.9 oz (with battery) Easy-to-Operate Out-of-the-Box Ready 2 Function Keys Compatible with Motorola CLS Radios 15 Hrs. of Batter..
Motorola DTR700 - 900MHz License-Free Radio for On-Site Usage License free communication! 50 Channels 200 Contacts Full-Graphic Color Display 900MHz - Doesn't Require a License Digital One-to-One Private Calling Digital One-to-Many Group Calling VibraCall Designed for On-Site ..
Motorola's SL300 - Small & Easy-to-Use Digital RadioWe offer discounts - log in for price... required by manufacturerVolume discounts automatically applied in shopping cart. 2 or 99 Channels 2 Modes - Analog or Digital Optional Display Model 3 Watts Battery Life: 12 Hrs..
Motorola VL50 Two Way Radio - Small, Lightweight & Simple-to-Use Add-to-Cart for an instant quote & volume discounts! 1 Watt of Power 8 Channels Coverage area (Up to 200,000 sq. ft. or 15 floors) 56 Frequencies with 121 Interference Eliminator CodesEasy User Setup Extra La..
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