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Kenwood Radio Chargers

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We carry replacement chargers for your Kenwood two way radio. Just select the model of your Kenwood radio to see which charger to use.

Kenwood KMB-28AK Six Unit Charger Kenwood KMB-28AK is a 6 Unit Charger base. Requires six KSC-35SK chargers (KSC-35SK chargers not included)...
Kenwood KSC-35SK Rapid Charger Kenwood ProTalk KSC-35SK rapid Charger (For use with KNB-45L Battery Pack).Use with NX-1000, NX-P1000, and NX-3000 series radios...
Kenwood KSC-50K Rapid Charger 3 hour Li-Ion rapid charger for the Kenwood NX-P500 radio...
Adapts the KSC-35SK desktop charger for use in your vehicle, to charge the KNB-45L battery pack. Use with th:TK-2300 / 3300, TK-2302 / 3302 series radios.NX-P1200 & NX-P1300 series radiosNX-240 / NX-340TK-2360 & TK-3360..
Kenwood ProTalk KMB-44K 6-Bank Rapid Charger Base Six-Bank charger base for the Kenwood PKT-23 radio. Holds up to six KSC-44 undividual chargers. Base ONLY (individual charger units come with the PKT-23 radios and are Not Included with the KMB-44 Charger Base)...
Kenwood TK-3230DX Charger | KSC-37 Rapid Li-Ion battery charger (2.5 hour) for the Kenwood XLS TK-3230K UHF Radio (KNB-46L Battery Pack)...
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