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Two Way Radio Repeaters

Radio Repeaters for Business Radios

A radio repeater is a specialized two-way radio designed to increase the communication range of a radio system.  It receives signals on one frequency and transmits them at a higher power on another frequency simultaneously, acting as a "relay station" boosting the power of the signal when it re-transmits. Repeaters are usually placed in high locations such as mountain tops, the tops of buildings, or installed on towers, this is done to further increase their range.

Main Types of Two-Way Radio Repeaters
  • Same Band Repeaters - Operate on one frequency band (i.e.VHF or UHF).  Input and output frequencies may be different but they are on the same band.
  • Cross Band Repeaters - Also called X-Band Repeaters. Used to connect radio systems that each use different bands (UHF, VHF, Airband).
  • Mobile Repeaters - Are repeaters used in vehicles to boost signals.
  • Combination Repeaters - All-in-one units that act as both a base station radio and repeater, some models include a built-in power supply..
BlackBox LunchBox Portable Repeater - DMR Digital 1024 Channels, 248 Zones Durable Waterproof Protective Case Simplex-to-Simplex (no need for frequency pairs) 8 Watts Analog / Digital (DMR) UHF Only Includes magnetic mount antenna with 6” whip. 12 lbs. Choose Model: Dire..
Icom Cross Band Repeater | IAS X-Band 50 3 ModelsVHF to UHFVHF to VHFUHF to UHF50 WattsAnalog Only128 ChannelsUse as a dual base unit with an optional microphoneAlpha tag channels with 8-Character alphanumeric display namesConfigured to auto switch from AC to DC during a power failureEasily moun..
Icom Repeater CY-5000 | CY-6000 - IDAS Repeater with Internal Power Supply 19" Rack Mountable 50 Watts Digital & Analog Uses IDAS™ UR Repeater Module Built-in 110/220 VAC Power Supply Built-in Auto Battery Backup Function Easy External Batt..
Icom Repeater FR5000 | FR6000 - IDAS Repeater Scalable from 1 to 30 channels per site and up to 16 sites (48 sites with installation of UC-FR5000 and CF-FR5000MT see below). Trunking Capable Double Channel Capacity IDAS doubles the capacity of the current 12.5kHz channel allo..
Motorola MotoTRBO SLR 5700 RepeaterWe offer discounts - log in for price... required by manufacturerVolume discounts automatically applied in shopping cart.64 Channel Capacity400-470 MHz or 450-512 MHz (UHF Version)136-174 MHz (VHF Version)1-50W Output PowerAMBE+2™ Digital Vocoder7 LED Ind..
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