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Two-Way Radio Repeaters

Professional Repeaters for Business Two-Way Radios

Two-Way Radio Repeater

Repeaters for Business Two-Way Radios

A radio repeater is a special type of two-way radio designed to increase the communication range of a radio system.  It receives signals on one frequency and transmits them on another frequency simultaneously, acting as a "relay station" boosting the power of the signal when it re-transmits. Repeaters are usually placed in high locations such as mountain tops, the tops of  buildings, or installed on towers.

Repeaters can greatly increase the range of your radio system. However, depending on how much range you need, a repeater may or may not be necessary. Most smaller businesses and municipal operations can usually communicate fine without a repeater by using a base station radio with output power of 25 to 50 watts to provide greater range. Large universities, hospitals, municipalities, construction sites, and businesses will sometimes require a repeater for greater range or to overcome barriers such as mountains or dense structures.


Types of Two-Way Radio Repeaters

•  Same Band Repeaters Operate on the same frequency band (i.e.VHF or UHF).  Input and output frequencies may be different but they are on the same band.
•  Cross Band Repeaters Also called X-Band Repeaters. Used to connect two radio systems that each use different bands (ex. UHF & VHF).
•  Vehicular Repeaters Are cross-band repeaters used in vehicles.
•  Combination Repeaters       All-in-one units that act as both a base station radio and repeater.


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Icom Repeater CY5000 VHF | CY6000 UHF
► 19 in. Rack Mountable ► 50 Watts ► Built-in Power Supply ► Auto Battery Backup Function ► Easy External Battery Connection ► 3 Shielded Data Ports ► Optional Built-in Duplexer ► Optional Built-in Pre-selector ► Heavy Duty Cooling Fan..
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Icom Repeater FR5000 VHF | FR6000 UHF
► Scalable to 30 channels per site with 16 sites ► Trunking capable ► Rack mount ► Double Channel Capacity ► Digital / Analog Mixed Mode ► 25 or 50 Watts..
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Vertex Standard VXR-7000 VHF UHF Repeater & Base Station
► 16 Channels ► 50 Watts (Adjustable) ► 8 Character Display ► 2 Character Numeric Display ► Automatic DC Power Supply Backup Capable ► Continuous Duty Cycle ► Easily Switch Between Repeater and Base Station Modes ► Operator or Remote Controlled ► Emergency and ANI DTMF Decoding Built-in..

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