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Two Way Radio External Speakers

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Below are the external speakers we offer. Select your radio model to see which speakers to use with your radio.

External speaker with 4 audio filters; headphone jack (5W). For use with Icom HF amateur, and receiver radios:  718 7100 7200 7410 7600 7700 78 9100 R75 R8500..
Icom SP-30 External Speaker Large external speaker with loud audio.    For use with ICOM mobile radios and base stations.   Use with radios:  F2820, F5011/F6011, F5021/F6021, F5121D/F6121D, F5061/F6061, F5220D/F6220D, F5400D/F6400D, F7510/F7520/F7540, F9511/F9521..
5 watt external speaker with 3.5mm speaker jack and 2 meter cable.  For use with ICOM mobile radios and base stations. Use with ICOM radios:  IC-F5011 / F6011 IC-F5021 / F6021 IC-F5121D / F6121D IC-F5061 / F6061 IC-A110 A1202300H2730AID5100AV3500..
Vertex Standard MLS-100 External Speaker External Speaker, with 12 watt peak power, for mobile radios VX-2100 / 2200 / 4500 / 4600 / 5500 / 6000 / VX-7200, and VXD-7200; and repeater VXR-1000. Provides extra volume in loud environments...
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