Two Way Radios for Oil & Gas Operations

Two Way Radios for Oil & Gas Operations

Best Radios for Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations, refineries, chemical processing facilities all need two-way radios that are safe to use in areas with explosive dust and gas.  Also, many other types of operations have combustible job-sites.  Intrinsically safe radios are designed to strict specifications for the safe operation of electronic equipment in locations where explosive gases and particles are present.

Please see our section Intrinsically Safe Radios and Combustible Job-Sites for more information.

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Icom F3261DT | F4261DT Digital Radio - NON-INCENDIVE
Icom M85UL Intrinsically Safe Land & Marine Radio
Kenwood TK-2360IS Intrinsically Safe Radio
Kenwood TK-3360IS Intrinsically Safe Radio
Motorola ISVX-451 Intrinsically Safe Radio
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