Base Stations

Base station radios are simply mobile radios which are stationary. They usually sit on a desktop and have a power supply attached within a frame, along with an external antenna. While the radio is not portable, you gain considerable power and range with a base station radio. Base Station radios generally have transmit power levels of 25 to 50 watts. 

To get the longest range, use an antenna installed outside and mounted as high as possible. But, if range is not an issue, the simplest antenna solution is a mag mount mobile antenna placed on a metal surface such as a file cabinet.

Base Station Radios

BlackBox Base Station 2-Way Radio

BlackBox Base Station 2-Way Radio

BalckBox B..


Icom F5011B VHF | F6011B UHF Base Station
Icom F5021B VHF | F6021B UHF Base Station
Icom F5061B VHF | F6061B UHF Base Station
Icom F5121DB VHF | F6121DB UHF Base Station
Ritron JBS Jobcom 7 Series Base Station - VHF or UHF
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