Base Stations

Base Station Radios for Business Use

With your resources spread out over a wide area it's important you maintain communication with everyone. Your operation depends on constant communication and your base station radio is a key link in your communication system. It's important you have a base station radio that can do the job you need. From basic easy-to-use base stations to advanced systems, we carry many different base station radios.

The basic components of a Base Station radio are made up of:

  • Radio
  • Power Supply
  • Cabinet to house radio & power supply
  • Antenna usually fixed to a high point outside the building (sold separately)
  • Microphone & optional external speaker

Base Station radios generally come with transmit power levels of 25 to 100 watts.  Typically the standard power output necessary for good operation is between 25 to 50 watts. This power level is adequate for most user communication needs. Power levels above 50 watts are typically used in urban environments where high penetration of structures is needed, or in rural areas where long-range communication is required.

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BlackBox Base Station 2-Way Radio

BlackBox Base Station 2-Way Radio

BalckBox B..


Icom F5011B VHF | F6011B UHF Base Station
Icom F5021B VHF | F6021B UHF Base Station
Icom F5061B VHF | F6061B UHF Base Station
Icom F5121DB VHF | F6121DB UHF Base Station
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