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How Far Can I Talk?

Two-Way Radio Range
The Facts About Distance

You often see ads for two-way radios saying "up to 36 miles" or more. If you search for reviews on these same radios, you will find many disappointed people saying they can't get anywhere close to the advertised range. The key words in the advertisement are "up to". This maximum range is more theoretical than realistic. So how far can you really expect to talk?

"How far can this radio talk?" is one of the most common questions people ask when buying a two-way radio.  Unfortunately there isn't a quick answer. That's because the type of equipment and terrain can greatly affect your range.

But we can help you:

    • Understand the key factors affecting communication range
    • How these factors may apply to you
    • Tips on how to extend your range
    • Basic rules-of-thumb to go by
    • Discuss new technologies for long range communication

The key considerations that affect range are: signal type, antenna, obstructions, and signal strength (wattage). No single factor is a silver-bullet to extend your communication range. But taken in combination, they can mean the difference between getting 1/2 mile range, vs 6 miles or more. Let's discuss each of these.