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Most radios are currently in stock. Manufacturers seemed to have recovered from supply chain issues.

GPS, Avionic, HF, Satellite Antennas

Antenna (4.9ft) for in-vehicle and in-building use.Use with:Icom SAT100Icom SAT100M..
Relay-driven compact automatic tuning antenna 2.5MHz-29.999MHz.Use with:Icom 78Icom 7100Icom 7300Icom 7610Icom 718Icom F8101..
Icom B-ANT Antenna for A110, A210, A120, & A220 Base station antenna 118.8-126.8MHz includes 50ft cable for Avionic mobile units. Use with ICOM A110B, A210B, A120B, or A220B.  To be mounted externally on building. This antenna is specifically modified / trimmed to the 118.8MHz – 126.8MHz..
Mobile antenna for ICOM air band radios A110 or A210. 12ft of cable and mounting kit are included. Two versions availble for mounting: K220A:  Magnetic mount for easy non-permanent mounting to vehicles. Magnetic Trunk Mount. K220C:  Permanent mount requires rooftop hole for perm..
GPS antenna for radios with the GPS function.Use with:Icom F5400 / F6400 Land Mobile RadiosIcom F7510 / F7520 / F7540 P25 RadiosIcom M510 & M605 Marine RadiosIcom FR5300 / FR6300 Repeaters..
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