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GPS, Avionic, HF, Satellite Antennas

Relay-driven compact automatic tuning antenna 2.5MHz-29.999MHz.Use with:Icom 78Icom 7100Icom 7300Icom 7610Icom 718Icom F8101..
Base station antenna 118.8-126.8MHz includes 50ft cable for Avionic mobile units. Use with ICOM A110B, A210B, A120B, or A220B.  To be mounted externally on building. This antenna is specifically modified / trimmed to the 118.8MHz – 126.8MHz range for Icom avionics radios. Please ignore the gene..
Mobile antenna for ICOM air band radios A110 or A210. 12ft of cable and mounting kit are included. Two versions availble for mounting: K220A:  Magnetic mount for easy non-permanent mounting to vehicles. Magnetic Trunk Mount. K220C:  Permanent mount requires rooftop hole for perm..
GPS antenna for radios with the GPS function.Use with:Icom F5400 / F6400 Land Mobile RadiosIcom F7510 / F7520 / F7540 P25 RadiosIcom M605 Marine RadioIcom FR5300 / FR6300 Repeaters..
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