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Icom Radio Chargers

We carry replacement chargers for your Icom two way radio. Just select the model of your Icom radio to see which charger to use.

Adapter cup for multi-unit chargers BC-119N or BC-121N, when charging battery BP-227N. For use with radios;  IC-F50, F60, F50V, F60V...
Adapter cup to install in the BC119N or BC121N for the BP210N & BP211 batteries. For use with Icom radios;  IC-A6, and A24...
Adapter cup for chargers BC-119N rapid charger, or BC-121N a 6 unit multi-charger. Used with battery BP-232N.   For use with radios;  IC-F3011/4011, F14/F24, F3021/4021, F3161/4161, F3031/4031...
Adapter cup that fits into the BC-197 02 or 03, for charging the BP-264 NiMH battery (use with F3001 / 4001)...
Adapter cup that fits into the BC-197 12 or 13, for charging the BP-265 Li-ion battery(use with IC-F3001/F4001, or IC-F3101D/F4101D)...
Adapter cup that fits into the BC-197 22 or 23, for charging the BP-232N Li-ion battery (use with F3011/4011, F14/F24, F3021/4021, F3161/4161)...
Icom BC-119NS Desktop Rapid Charger Desktop rapid charger with AD110 Installed, 110V (BC-145S AC Adapter cable included). Charging time is approximately 2.5 hours. Charges BP-254 battery Use with Radios Icom F70, F80, F9011 & F9021 radios What's in the box: One BC-119NS Charger w..
Icom BC-121NS Gang Charger 6-Unit Charger Kit BC121N + AD110 x 6. Requires BC157S AC adapter.  Rapidly charges up to 6 battery packs.  Charging time is approximately 2.5 hours.Use with Icom radios: F70, F80, F9011, and F9021 radios...
Icom BC-123SA AC adapter for Icom rapid chargers. 120V, US style plug...
Icom BC-145SA AC Adapter 110V AC adapter. This is the adapter included with Icom rapid chargers BC-160 or BC-119N. Use with radios IC-F3011/4011, F14/F24, F3021/4021, F3161/4161, F3031/4031, F50V/60V..
Icom BC-147SA AC Adapter AC adapter for Icom trickle chargers; 100-240V with a US style plug ...
Icom BC-157S Power Supply 110V power supply for Icom gang chargers BC-121N or BC-197. (use with radios IC-F3001/4001, F3011/4011, F14/F24, F3021/4021, F3101D/4101D, F3161/4161, F3031/4031, F50V/60V)..
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