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Below are our most popular antennas for handheld radios.  To see all antennas by radio model:

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Antennas for Handheld Radios

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Icom FA-SC55V - Flexible antenna for 146-174MHz VHF
Icom FA-SC56VS - Stubby antenna 150-160MHz VHF
Icom FA-SC57U Flexible Antenna 430-470MHz UHF
Icom FA-SC57VS - Stubby antenna 160-174MHz  VHF
Icom FA-SC61UC - Cut Antenna - 380-520MHz
Icom FA-SC62V - High Gain Antenna 150-160MHz
Icom FA-SC63V - High Gain Antenna 155-165MHz
Icom FA-SC72U - Flexible antenna for 470-520MHz UHF
Icom FA-SC73US - Stubby antenna 450-470MHz  UHF
Kenwood KRA-26 VHF Whip Antenna (148-162MHz)
Kenwood KRA-27 UHF Whip Antenna (450-490MHz)
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