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Two Way Programming Cables

We carry two way radio programming cables, also know as radio cloning cables, for many of the radios we carry. If you need to know which Icom cable is used for a radios model, please see our Icom Software Guide.

Connect Systems CSI-U100 | CS100 Programming Cable.  Connects your radio to your PC for radio programming.  For use with: CS100 / CS101CS200 / CS201CS610 / CS611CS710 / CS711..
Motorola HKKN4027A Radio-to-PC Programming Cable Using the CPS software, which can be downloaded for free on the Motorola website, you can program settings from your PC using this cable. Only prestored frequencies, and other settings, can be programmed by an end-user. Custom frequencies must be p..
Motorola PMKN4128 Micro USB Programming Cable Compatible with Motorola CP100d and CP200d ("d" model only), series radios.  ..
Motorola RLN6303 Radio-To-Radio Cloning Cable Using the CPS software, which can be downloaded for free on the Motorola website, you can copy settings from one radio to another radio of the same model using this cable. Compatible with Motorola RDX series radios: RDU4100, RDU4160d, RDV5100 &nb..
Motorola AAD66X002 CT-104A Cable Pigtail Interface Cable for use with FIF-12 Radio Interface Box.Requires either FIF-10 or FIF-12 (newer version) which must be ordered separately.  FIF-10A is discontinued and replaced by FIF-12. For use with: Mobile radios:    VX-2100 ..
FIF-12 PC Programming USB Interface Box Pigtail cables Sold Separately For use with all Vertex Standard radios...
Interface pigtail cable for programming VX-231, VX-350, VX-410, VX-420, VX-450, EVX-530 series radios. Requires cloning cable FIF-10 (older version) or FIF-12A (current version). 3.5mm connector...
Radio-to-Radio Cloning Cable for VX-231, VX-350 series, VX-410 series, VX-420 series, VX-450 series, and EVX-530 series radios...
Motorola FIF-12A Programming Cable USB Interface cable for PC Programming. Cable and CD with driver software included.  Programming software and pigtail cable NOT included.  About the Driver The cable comes with a CD containing the device drive which must be installed to use the cable. ..
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