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Radio Programming Services

Most LMR Radios do not come pre-programmed from the manufacture so programming is required. For some models the customer can choose to purchase the software and cable to program the radios themselves. While other radios require the dealer to program.


What is Basic Radio Programming?

Basic radio programming is a service we offer designed to get you up and running with with a basic two-way radio configuration. It is designed for new users.

To initially establish a radio program, a minimum order of 4 radios of the same model are required for the first order. There is no minimum for follow-on orders of the same model. This is due to the time-consuming nature of initially setting up the code program.

What programming includes:

  • Up to 16 channels programmed to your FCC assigned frequencies (simplex or duplex)
  • A default configuration of key functions
  • Your program settings saved for future purchases
  • No password protection to allow re-programming by another dealer

For customers who already have radios:

  • We will match from your existing radio of the same model (requires you to send us a radio).

Radio Programming Services We Don't Perform:

The features below are NOT included with basic programming.

  • More than 16 Channels (exceptions made based on order volume).
  • Scrambling
  • Private (1 to 1) calling
  • Group 1 to many calling
  • All Call
  • Emergency System
  • Man Down System
  • Lone Worker
  • Advanced Audio Profiles
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Text Messaging
  • Work Order Ticketing
  • ARTS
  • Remote Monitor
  • Telephone Interconnect

* Features listed may not be available on all radio models. This list should only be used to establish an example of what features are to be considered to be advanced.