Icom Radio Batteries

We carry a large selection of replacement batteries for your Icom two way radio. Just select the model of your radio to see which batteries to use.

BP-232WP Replacement Battery for Icom Radios
BP-279 Icom Battery Replacement - 2280mAh
BP-284 Icom Battery Replacement - 3210mAh
BP-290 Icom Battery Replacement - 2010mAh
G2G232 | Icom BP-232 Battery Replacement (2600mAh)
Icom BP-208N AA Battery Case - For A6 & A24
Icom BP-210N  Ni-MH Battery - For A6 & A24 Radios
Icom BP-227Li Battery Replacement (1800mAh)
Icom BP-232H Li-Ion Battery - 2300mAh
Icom BP-232WP Li-Ion Battery - 2300mAh, Waterproof
Icom BP-254 Li-Ion Battery - 3040mAh
Icom BP-264  Ni-MH Battery - 1400mAh
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