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Icom Radio Batteries

We carry a large selection of Icom replacement batteries for your Icom two way radio. Just select the model of your radio to see which batteries to use.

BP-232WP Replacement Battery for Icom Radios  7.4V / 2200 mAh / 16.3 Wh / Li-Ion. IP67 rated. Fits the following Icom Radios: IC-A14, IC-F15, IC-F24, IC-F25, IC-F33, IC-F34, IC-F43, IC-F43TR, IC-F44, IC-F3021, IC-F3023, IC-F3031S, IC-F3161, IC-F3163, IC-F3230D, IC-F3261D, IC-F3263D, IC-F3360..
Icom BP279LIXT Li-Ion Battery Li-Ion Battery - waterproof. Japanese cells (2400 mAh typical / 2280 mAh minimum). IP68 rated. Includes belt clip (CLV113A). Note: Battery not compatible with Icom MB-133 belt clip. Replacement for Icom P/N BP-279Use with F1000 F2000 F1000D F2000D F11..
BP284LI Icom Battery Replacement - 3210mAh Li-Ion Battery - waterproof IP68 rated. Includes belt clip (CLV113A, not interchangeable with Icom MB-133). Japanese cells rated 3210 mAh typical, 3070 mAh minimum. Replaces Icom Part Number: BP-284 Use with radios: F3..
ICOM IC-F52D | F62D Battery - 2010mAh Li-Ion Battery - waterproof, rated IP68 – 7.2V, 2010mAh, Japanese cells. IP68 rated. Includes belt clip (CLV113A, not interchangeable with Icom MB-133). Use with F52D or F62D radios.1 year manufacturers warrantyManufactured by Power Products..
USB Chargeable Battery Call for volume pricing For Icom Radios Li-Ion Battery Fits:   F14, A14, F15, F24, F25, F33, IC-F34, IC-F43, IC-F43TR, IC-F44, IC-F3011, IC-F3021, IC-F3023, IC-F3031S, IC-F3161, IC-F3163, IC-F3230D, IC-F3261D, IC-F3263D, IC-F3360D, IC-F4011, IC-F4021, IC-F40..
Battery For Icom Radios using BP227 Replaces Icom Part #s: BP-227Fits Icom radios: IC-F50, IC-F50V, IC-F60, IC-F60V, M88 Japanese cells. Includes belt clip. 2200mAh, 7.5V Manufactured by Power Products1 year manufacturers warranty..
Icom BP-232H Li-Ion Battery Li-ion Battery 7.2V, 2300mAh. Replaces BP232N.  Use with radios: F3011 / F4011 F14 / F24 F3021 / F4021 F3161 / F4161 A14..
Icom BP-232UL Li-Ion Battery Li-ion Battery 7.4V Li-ion 2300mAh typical capacity & 2250mAh minimum value battery. For the nonincendive approved radios (use with IC-F3161 & F4161 nonincendive approved intrinsically safe models)...
Icom BP-232WP Li-Ion Battery - Waterproof Li-Ion Battery - waterproof, rated IP67 – 7.4V, 2300mAh, 2250mAh minimum. Uuse with radios: F3031 / F4031 F3230D / F4230D F3261D/F4261D..
Icom BP-240 Alkaline Battery Case Alkaline battery case fits 6 AAA batteries, 1 watt output power. Use with radios: IC-F3011/4011, F14/F24, F3021/4021, F3161/4161, F3031/4031, F3261D/F4261D, F3360D/F4360D...
Icom BP-254 Li-Ion Battery Li-ion Battery 7.2V 3040mAh (typical capacity), 2900mAh (minimum value) for Icom P25 portables.  Use with radios: F70 / F80 F9011 / F9021..
Icom BP-265 Battery Battery – Li-Ion 7.2V / 1900mAh typical,  1900mAh (minimum). Use with radios: IC-F3001, F4001, F3101D, F4101D, T-70A, V80...
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