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Most radios are currently in stock. Manufacturers seemed to have recovered from supply chain issues.

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LTE Radios

LTE radios communicate through a proprietary cellular network (4G or LTE). These radios are NOT Push-to-Talk Cellular or PoC. Push-to-Talk Cellular uses the same cellular network that is used for cell phones. LTE uses a private cellular network. The advantage, or disadvantage, of LTE is your radios work anywhere cell phone coverage exists. This can even allow you to communicate across the country. Like regular two way radios, LTE radios offer one-on-many instant communication. However, in remote areas with no cell coverage these radios will not work. LTE radios require cellular service, which requires a monthly fee per radio. The monthly service contract is obtained through the radio dealer.

Perfect for those looking for the longest range possible and easy setup, such as companies operating vehicle fleets in large metropolitan areas.

Satellite Radios

Satellite radios connect through an array of satellites know as the Iridium satellite constellation. The Iridium satellite constellation is a system of 66 active satellites (and 9 spares in space) used for worldwide voice and data communication from hand-held satellite devices and other transceiver units. Satellite radios require a monthly service fee for the satellite usage. These devices can communicate globally and in back-country areas where most other forms of communication are not available.

Perfect for those needing global or back-country remote communications, such as gas and oil exploration, back-country search and rescue operations, or other other companies needing global communications in areas where infrastructure does not exist.

Network or WLan Radios

Network radios (also called Radio-Over-IP or RoIP) act like normal two way radios, but they  communicate through the internet via a wireless internet connection on your computer network. We no longer carry these radios.

IP radios work well for businesses wanting to communicate within locations covered by their own computer network.

ICOM IP110H License-free Wireless Network Radio Enhance your business communications with the license-free Icom IP110H. This compact and powerful IP based radio works over your existing wireless LAN (WLAN) or an IP network to provide real-time voice communications over your wireless network, and it..
ICOM IP501H LTE Radio Nationwide CoverageLicense FreeRugged & WaterproofInstant One-to-Many CommunicationALL Call, GROUP Call, and/or INDIVIDUAL CallingCompact and Lightweight Full Duplex Communication (like a regular phone) Reliable Sound Quality Secure CommunicationsPriority Callin..
$486.40 $512.00
ICOM IP501M LTE Radio Nationwide CoverageLicense FreeInstant One-to-Many CommunicationALL Call, GROUP Call, and/or INDIVIDUAL CallingNoise Cancelling for Clear Audio in Noisy Environments Full Duplex Communication (like a regular phone)ACC Connector for Ignition Sensing Function Secure ..
Icom SAT100 Satellite Radio Icom SAT100 Satellite Radio
ICOM SAT100 Satellite Radio Global One-To-Many Communication even in the most remote areas Built-in Bluetooth and GPS Receiver 1500mW Powerful Audio Highest Security with AES Encryption Vibration Alert Waterproof in accordance with IPX7  (not salt water) Compatible with other I..
ICOM SAT100M Mobile Satellite Radio True World-wide Communication even in the most remote areas Built-in Bluetooth and GPS Receiver 1500mW Powerful Audio Highest Security with AES Encryption Compatible with other Iridium® PTT devices while in Radio mode ICOM SAT100M At-A-Glan..
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