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Vertex Standard Software Guide

Vertex Standard programming software allows users to set frequencies and functions within their Vertex radios.  Also know as Vertex Cloning Software, this software runs on your PC under the Windows Operating System.
You can:
  • set each channel's frequency and privacy codes
  • set functions for each programmable key on your radio
  • set parameters such as delay time for the Time-Out-Timer, and other functions
  • save the settings and program multiple radios with the same settings

* Cable FIF-10 has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered. It is replaced with FIF-12. However, if you already have an FIF-10 cable it can be used.

The guide below outlines which Vertex Standard programming software is needed for each radio model, and the associated programming cables needed to connect the radio to your PC. We provide downloadable copies of Vertex Standard programming software for all Vertex Land Mobile radios.

Warning   Be advised, serious penalties and prosecution can result from unlicensed transmission on frequencies which require a license.

All Land Mobile radios (LMR) require an FCC license to operate. We can assist you with getting a license at no extra charge when ordering radios - just order your radios and give us a call.  Click here for more information on FCC licensing.

You may download your Vertex software immediately after ordering.

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