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Why Digital Radio?

Why Consider Digital 2 Way Radios?

Remember analog TV? Compared to high-definition TVs, analog TVs are much bulkier, the picture is fuzzy, and functions like video-on-demand are just not possible. Digital TV delivers an incredibly clear picture, can stream video, surf the web, or make video phone calls.
Consider phone communication. Cell phones have very clear audio generally speaking. Yes, there may be some dead spots, but voice distortion, background noise, and static common in analog phones are not present in digital voice. I did I mention apps? There are literally thousands of applications for smartphones. You can text your next appointment to say you're running late, 
find a nearby restaurant, or get directions. And all this function is delivered in a small light-weight product.

The digital revolution is changing 2-way radio communications as well. Today's new digital radios deliver clear audio, added functions such as text messaging, longer battery life, expanded calling capacity, GPS, Bluetooth, and other advantages.
 Digital technology brings a whole host of capabilities not available in analog devices. As new applications develop they promise to bring even more function, in products that are smaller, lighter weight, and more powerful.

So why consider digital 2-way radio today? Because 2-way radios are an investment. A recent survey found that the average radio is in service for close to 10 years. As new applications develop to address key business needs, digital 2-way radio will provide advantages to those who adopt the technology.  The sooner you begin to move to digital, the faster you will be able to incorporate these advantages into your business.


Little Price Difference to Analog Now
Many newer digital radios are priced on-par with similar analog radios.

Clear Audio Over Entire Range
Digital 2-way radios have the same voice clarity over the entire communication range. Built-in digital error-correction can reconstitute missing voice data over a far greater range. This means no more weak signals at the edge of your range.

Superior Audio Quality
All digital 2-way radios have built-in error correction.  This means no more random chatter, static, interference, background noise, or distorted voice.

40% Longer Battery Life
Because digital transmissions require significantly less power to transmit than analog, your battery will last around 40% longer when using digital transmissions.

No Need to Replace Your Current Radios
Todays' digital radios can also receive analog voice transmissions. So you don't need to replace your current fleet to begin adding digital radios.

Added Function
Text messaging, individual calling, call logs, GPS or other location-based services are just some of the functions on digital 2-way radios now offer.

Double Your Calling Capacity
With many digital 2-way radios your calling capacity is double, without the need to make any changes to your current FCC license. There are 2 "digital paths" within one channel.
Each path can carry 2 separate conversations simultaneously.  So each channel can be used by more people without interference. Or you can use one path for data and the other for voice.

No License Needed for ISM Digital Operation
Some digital radios transmit on the 902 - 928 MH ISM frequencies which do not require an FCC license.


Added Privacy
Digital transmissions are inherently more private due to the way digital signals are transmitted.

Begin the transition to digital today...position yourself for tomorrow.