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Vertex Standard Microphones

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We carry a large selection of microphones for your Vertex Standard two way radio. Just select the model of your radio to see which mics to use.

ENDURA Speaker Mic for Vertex 2-Pin | ESM-20-VX4Fits: Motorola / Vertex Standard EVX261, EVX531, EVX534, EVX539, VX130, VX160, VX180, VX210, VX210A, VX231, VX261, VX264, VX350, VX351, VX354, VX410, VX420, VX450, VX451, VX454, VX459. Features: IP54 rated, 3.5 mm port for optional listen only earp..
Motorola AAF53X501 MH-450S Standard Speaker microphone. Use with VX-231, VX-261, VX-264, VX-351, VX-354, VX-410, VX-420, VX-451, VX-454, VX-459, EVX-261, EVX-531, EVX-534, EVX-539...
Motorola A13960507 MH-45B4B Noise canceling speaker. IS/ATEX rating for this item.Use with VX-231, VX-350, VX-410, VX-420, and VX-450 series radios...
Motorola AAE46X507  MH-66A4B Submersible Speaker microphone, IP-57 rated. IS/ATEX rating for this item. Use with the following radios: VX-450 series; VX-451, VX-454, VX-459, ISVX-451, ISVX-454, ISVX-459 EVX-530 series radios; EVX-531, EVX-534, EVX-539, ISEVX-531, ISEVX-534, ISEVX-53..
Motorola AAE46X001 MH-66A7A Submersible Speaker Mic (IP57) , for VX-820, VX-920, VX-P820, VX-P920...
Motorola AAE46X509 MH-66F4B Submersible Speaker microphone for the EVX-S24 radio. Rated IP57 waterproof...
Motorola AAM24X501 MH-90A4B Compact Speaker Microphone for the EVX-S24 radio...
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