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License-Free Two Way Radio

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License Free Radios

These two-way radios can be used for either commercial or personal use without the need for an FCC license. Yet they're designed to standards and features found on many professional business 2-way radios. 

FRS Radios
New FCC rules have changed FRS radio service. Now FRS radios can be used for commercial businesses. Now FRS radios can have up to 2 watts of power, similar to many commercial-grade two-way radios. However, due to their antenna limitations their range is still less than commercial grade radios. FRS frequencies are UHF only.

900MHz Radios
The radios listed as "900MHz On-Site" typically provide coverage within an area of between 325,000 - 350,000 sq ft and transmit at 1 watt. 900MHZ radios work well indoors but have limited range outdoors.

MURS Radios
The MURS radios (Multi-Use Radio Service) use 5 VHF frequencies and transmit at 2 watts. MURS radios typically provide coverage between 3 and 5 miles outdoors (depending on conditions), and 1½ - 2½ miles in urban conditions. Indoors MURS radios are prone to "dead spots" when used indoors, as all VHF radios are. For more information on MURS radios, frequencies, and rules see MURS Radio.

LTE, Network & Satellite Radios
LTE, Network, and Satellite radios do not require an FCC license. However, LTE and Satellite radios use proprietary networks so they do require a monthly service fee. Network radios communicate through your computer network, so they do not require any monthly fees. Please see our category "Network | LTE | Satellite" to view these radios.

Icom V10MR License-Free MURS Radio
New License-Free Waterproof
ICOM V10MR License-Free Professional-Grade MURS Radio 16 Channels 3 Programmable Keys Ready to Use out-of-the Box, or Customize with Free PC ProgrammingMore Rugged & More features than Motorola RMM2050 MURS Radio Waterproof & Military 810 Spec RuggedLi-Ion Battery & Rapid Cha..
Midland LXT600BB 2 Watt FRS Radio -License-Free 2-Pack Includes: 2 LXT600BB Radios 2 Rechargeable Batteries 2 Belt Clips1 Charger with Adapter (charges 2 radios)We also offer an 8-Pack LXT600BBX4 LXT600BB Radio Details 36 Pre-Programmed Channels22 Standard FRS Channels14 Additio..
Motorola DTR700 - Digital License Free Radio Motorola DTR700 - Digital License Free Radio
Free Shipping Code: FREESHIP License-Free
Motorola DTR700 - 900MHz License-Free Radio for On-Site Usage License free communication! 50 Channels 200 Contacts Full-Graphic Color Display 900MHz - Doesn't Require a License Digital One-to-One Private Calling Digital One-to-Many Group Calling VibraCall Designed for On-Site ..
Motorola RMM2050 MURS Radio | Motorola RM Series Motorola RMM2050 MURS Radio | Motorola RM Series
Free Shipping Code: FREESHIP License-Free
Motorola RMM2050 Radio 5 Channels2 watts powerAnalog OnlyVHF OnlyPre-stored MURS Frequencies 2 Programmable Buttons Voice ScramblingVoice PromptsEasy Cloning (cable or multi-charger required) 1 Year Warranty Motorola RMM2050 At-A-Glance A license-free business radio, the Mot..
Ritron JBS Jobcom 7 Series Intercom - License Free MURS
Ritron Jobcom 7 Series MURS The JBS Series JobCom Wireless Intercom and Base Station helps your staff stay in communication without the need for multiple, individually assigned portable radios. This can lower costs while still providing communication throughout your facility.  The JBS..
Ritron Q Series 2-Way Radio Callbox | MURS Version Ritron Q Series 2-Way Radio Callbox | MURS Version
Ritron Q Series 2-Way Radio Callbox | MURS Version Provide communications from any location at your facility with the Ritron Q Series callbox. The Q Series call box can be placed indoors, outdoors, or virtually anywhere else you need it to maximize efficiency, improve safety and speed up respo..
Ritron RIB-600 Analog RADIO-TO-INTERCOM BRIDGE Connect to existing PA system.Leverage existing radios.Create an added layer of security.The RitronRadio-To-Intercom Bridge receiver is designed to interface to an existing wired Public Address Intercom system and allow PA or intercom announcemen..
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