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OTTO V2-G4HD221 OTTO 500 Speaker Mic | Harris

OTTO V2-G4HD221 OTTO 500 Speaker Mic | Harris
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OTTO V2-G4HD221  OTTO 500 Speaker Mic for Harris XL-100, XL-150, XL-185, XL-200 Radios

OTTO 500 is tested to function for more than five minutes at 500˚F (260˚C) utilizing special high-temperature materials in the case, cable and strain relief.  With full immersion capability in one meter of water for 31 minutes and exceptional debris protection including a removable grill and replaceable debris screen for easy cleaning, the durable OTTO 500 is the clear choice for extreme fire-fighting environments.

  • Functions at least 5 minutes at 500°F
  • Removable front grill with replaceable screen for easy removal of dirt and debris
  • Heavy-duty cable and strain relief, designed to withstand hot blasts of 500°F
  • Emergency button with larger notch for easier actuation
  • Large snap-action PTT for use with gloves and protective gear
  • Dual grill provides immersion and high pressure water seal
  • Immersion rated, fully sealed per IP68 standard: tested to withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for 31 minutes
  • Microphone optimized to reduce ambient noise
  • Durable design and construction meets MIL-STD-810
  • Extra large clip with detents every 45° to allow for precise and secure placement
Use with Harris radios:  XL-100, XL-150, XL1-185, XL-200
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OTTO V2-G4HD221 OTTO 500 Speaker Mic | Harris (HD)