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OTTO V2-10156 Evolution Speaker Mic | Harris EJ

OTTO V2-10156  Evolution
OTTO V2-10156 Evolution Speaker Mic | Harris EJ
10 or more $230.85
20 or more $223.56

OTTO V2-10156 Evolution Speaker Mic - with coiled coaxial cord, antenna connector, & emergency button

Evolution Speaker Mic, with coiled coaxial cord, volume control, 2.5mm earphone jack, antenna connector and emergency button.

Evolution Speaker Mics

  • Durable design and construction to meet MIL-STD-810 specs
  • Fully sealed to meet harsh conditions like 40 mph blowing rain
  • Heavy-duty cable assembly with strain relief for demanding applications
  • Two-position volume control for operation in various noise environments
  • 2.5mm earphone jack for optional earphone accessories
  • Clothing spring clip which can be positioned 360 degrees
  • Emergency button and antenna connector
  • Modular internal design to facilitate field repair

Use with Harris radios (EJ connector):  Jaguar 700P / P5200 / P7100 / P7130 / P7150 / P7170 / P5100 / P5130 / P5150 / P7200 / P7230 / P7250 / P7270

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OTTO V2-10156 Evolution Speaker Mic | Harris (EJ)