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Laird TMB8 Trunk Lip Antenna Mount - Black

Laird TMB8
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Laird TMB8 Trunk Lip Antenna Mount - Black
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Laird TMB8 Trunk Lip Mount - Black

NMO Brass Mount 17' RG58A/U cable & connector

  • Black
  • Connector is crimp style and is not installed to allow cable length to be trimmed.
  • No Holes Mounting Solution. Uses hidden set screws to hold in place.
  • For NMO style antennas
  • Non staining rubber cushion minimizes scratches and stains.
  • Choose connector (Male Crimp style - uninstalled):
    • PL259
    • Mini-U
    • N Type
    • TNC
  • Note: Connector is Not installed.
  • 1-1/8”-18 thread; installs from above
  • 17ft RG58A/U stranded coax cable for heavy duty use to withstand long-term vibration better.
  • All brass construction and gold plated contact design ensure the most corrosion resistance and best power transfer available

For use with mobile radio antennas (choose connector type to match radio).

Antenna mounts attach the antenna to the vehicle. They have a cable that connects to your mobile radio. A mount allows you to decide where on the vehicle to place your antenna. Some styles of mobile antennas require a mount.

There are two types of mounts:

  1. Surface mounts are permanently attached to a flat surface on a vehicle. They require a hole to be drilled.
  2. Magnetic mounts are attached by a strong magnet but can be easily removed or re-positioned. The cable can be seen with a magnetic mount, so some people don't like the look as well as a surface mount.

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Laird TMB8 Trunk Lip Antenna Mount - Black 17ft RG58A/U Cable