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Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone

Kenwood KMC-21
Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone
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  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Model: KMC-21
  • SKU: KMC-21

Kenwood KMC-21A Compact Speaker Mic (KA)

Compact Speaker Microphone for the Kenwood ProTalk series radios.

Use with radios:

  • TK-D240E / TK-D340E
  • TK2360 / TK3360 (non-IS versions)
  • TK2000 / TK2200 / TK3200 ProTalk Series (all versions)
  • NX240 / NX340
  • NX220 / NX320 / NX420
  • TK2300 / TK3300 / TK2302 / TK3302 ProTalk Series (all versions)
  • TK2400 / TK3400 / TK2402 / TK3402 ProTalk Series (all versions)

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Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Mic (KA)