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Kenwood KHS-10-BH Behind-The-Head Headset

Kenwood KHS-10-BH
Kenwood KHS-10-BH Behind-The-Head Headset
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Model: KHS-10-BH

Heavy duty behind-the-head headset with a noise cancelling boom microphone and in-line PTT. 2-Pin connector (KA type).

Use with radios:

  • NX240 / NX340
  • NX3200 / NX3220 / NX3300 / NX3320 / NX3400 / NX3420
  • TK2000 / TK2200 / TK3200 ProTalk Series (all versions)
  • TK2300 / TK3300 / TK2302 / TK3302 ProTalk Series (all versions)
  • TK2400 / TK3400 / TK2402 / TK3402 ProTalk Series (all versions)

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Kenwood KHS-10-BH Headset - 2-Pin Connector (KA)