Two-way Radios for Wineries

Radios for Wineries

Whether it's guiding tours, managing the tasting floor, serving customers in your restaurant, or communicating with maintenance, vineyard, or cellar staff, your operation will run smoother with timely communication. That's where two-way radios can make a difference to your bottom line. In remote areas, you may not have many cell phone towers for reliable cell phone coverage. 

Wineries need business two-way radios for communication range and features.  Generally, we recommend UHF radios for wineries.  This is because UHF radios perform well both indoors and outdoors, so your entire staff can use them.  However, if you will be using your two-way radios primarily outdoors, then we recommend VHF radios, as they will provide longer range when used outdoors. Remember, UHF only talks to UHF, and VHF only talks to VHF. So you can't mix them up if you want managers to be able to talk with everyone. So, if you already have VHF radios and just want to add some new radios, then look at the VHF versions of the radios listed below.

We usually recommend 4 or 5 watt radios to provide the longest communication range possible to cover your entire winery operation.  However, smaller operations may be able to use 1 to 2 watt radios. If your operation is very large repeaters may be necessary for complete coverage. In addition, wineries need two-way radios that are: Easy to use, Durable for daily use, Affordable, Extra loud audio for noisy Locations.

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Two-Way Radios for Wineries

These are radios selected for their tough durability, easy operation, and popularity among winery managers.

Icom F1000 VHF | F2000 UHF Two-Way Radio
Volume Discounts ► 16 or 128 Channels ► 3 or 7 Programmable Buttons ► 8 Character Display Option  ► Loudest Audio 1,500mW  ► 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) ► Waterproof & Rugged ► Compact Design ► Repeater Capable ► PC Programming Setup ..
Connect Systems CS100 UHF Two-Way Radio
► 32 Channels ► 2 Programmable Keys ► Easy to Use ► Affordable  ► Extra Loud Audio (1,000mW) ► 4 Watts (UHF) ► Repeater Capable ► VOX Ready ► Battery and Charger Included..
Motorola MVX-261 Two-Way Radio | Vertex Standard
► 16 Channels ► 5 Watts ► 2 Programmable Keys ► 700mW Speaker ► Lone Worker and Emergency Alert ► Multiple Scan Modes ► Radio-to-radio Cloning ► Compact Size ► Programmable Frequencies..
Icom F3001 VHF | F4001 UHF Two-Way Radio
► 16 Channels ► 2 Programmable Keys ► Easy to Use ► Affordable ► Extra Loud Audio (800mW) ► 20 Hours of Operation     ► 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) ► Repeater Capable ► Easy PC Programming Setup   ► Battery and Charger Included.
Midland MB400 ► 16 Channels ► 2 Programmable Keys ► Simple to Use ► Waterproof & Rugged (rated IP67)  ► Compact Lightweight ► 4 Watts ► Li-Ion Battery with Rapid Charger ► Repeater Capable ► Easy PC Programming Setup.