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Vertex VAC-6058B 6-Bank Charger (UNI)

Vertex VAC-6058B
Vertex VAC-6058B 6-Bank Charger (UNI)

Universal 6-Bank Rapid Charger (120 VAC). 

Compatible with the following Vertex Standard radios & batteries:

  • EVX-531, EVX-534, EVX-539 - Use with FNB-133Li or FNB-134Li  Li-Ion Batteries only.
  • VX-451, VX-454, VX-459 - Use with FNB-133Li or FNB-134Li Li-Ion Batteries only.
  • VX-410, VX-414, VX-417 - Use with FNB-V126Li Li-Ion battery.
  • VX-420, VX-424, VX-427 - Use with FNB-V126Li  Li-Ion battery.
  • VX-350, VX-351, VX-354 - Use with FNB-V130Li  Li-Ion battery.
  • VX-231- Use with FNB-V131Li  or FNB-V132Li  Li-Ion batteries.

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Vertex VAC-6058B 6-Bank Charger (UNI)