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Motorola PMNN4486 Battery Replacement (3400mAh) | PM4486LIPIC

Motorola PMNN4486
Motorola PMNN4486 Battery Replacement (3400mAh) | PM4486LIPIC
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Motorola PMNN4486 Battery Replacement 3400mAh - PM4486LIPIC

Li-Ion Battery replaces P/N:  PMNN4486, and NNTN7038

Fits Motorola Radios: APX6000, APX6000XE, APX7000, APX7000XE, APX8000

IP68 rated. Smart battery Provides same features as IMPRES™ 1 battery models. 

Compatible with Endura, Logic, or Motorola IMPRES 1 & 2 chargers.

PolyMax HPC cells. PolyMax HPC LiPo cells are best-in-class batteries that feature high-capacity and these important benefits:

  • Longer run-times compared to other batteries.
  • Greater cycle life compared to Li-Ion cells (500+ vs. 300).
  • Significantly lighter weight compared to NiMH batteries.
  • Self-discharge rate of less than 5% per month, which is one third that of NiMH batteries.
  • Solid construction and quality fit with radios.
  • Extended warranty – 24 months for capacity (80%) and 24 months for materials and workmanship.
  • Can be charged using Endura, Logic, or OEM chargers designed for Li-Ion batteries.

May not be compatible with some aftermarket chargers. Use with Endura, Logic, OEM, or other approved Li-Ion chargers.

2 year manufacturers warranty

3400mAh, 7.4V

Manufactured by Power Products

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Motorola PMNN4486 Battery Replacement (3400mAh) | PM4486LIPIC