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Icom F8101 HF Mobile Radio

Icom F8101 Radio
Icom F8101 Radio
Icom F8101 Radio
Icom F8101 Radio
Icom F8101 Radio
Icom F8101 Radio
Icom F8101 HF Mobile Radio
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  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: F8101
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Icom F8101 HF Mobile Radio

  • Designed for Long Distance Communications
  • 500 Channels
  • Rx: 500kHz-29.9999MHz
  • Tx: 1.6-29.9999MHz
  • Multiple operating modes (SSB, AM, CW and Data mode
  • 125W, 50W, 10W PEP
  • 3 Programmable Buttons
  • Repeater Capable
  • Automatic Link Establishment Technology
  • Selective Calling

Icom F8101 At-A-Glance

The The IC-F8101 is designed specifically for long distance radio communications. It operates on HF frequencies from 500kHz to 29.9999MHz and transmits with up to 125W PEP (Peak envelope Power). The ICF8101 supports SSB, AM, CW and Data operating modes and has the latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology for improvement in both transmitter and receiver performance. The Clear Talk function utilizes DSP to separate the noise from signals for clearer audio.

The Icom IC-F8101 has 500 programmable channels, 500 Selcall (Selective Calling and 500 ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) memories. BITE (Built-in Test Equipment Function) allows you to check the condition of the transceiver. It also includes three types of mute functions, TX Power Protection, three programmable keys, a backlit display and multiple display modes. Other features include a PreAmp, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), timeout timer, noise blanker and a built-in self test. It has connections for a GPS receiver so you can send current position data to other stations, a USB port for connecting the radio to a PC, antenna connector and audio accessory connector. The IC-F8101 is FCC Part 90 complaint.

Compact and durable, the IC-F8101 is sealed securely from potentially harmful elements and has been tested to MIL-STD-810-G standards and IP54 ratings for ruggedness. The connection cables and connectors are also IP54 water resistant.

The Icom IC-F8101 comes with an HM-193 microphone, mic hanger kit, mounting bracket, SP-35L external speaker, DC power cable, spare fuses and an owner's manual.

Icom AH-740 Automatic Tuning Antenna

Icom AH-740 is a Genuine Icom relay-driven compact automatic tuning antenna for the Icom IC-718, IC-7200, IC-7410, IC-7600, IC-78, IC-9100, IC-7000 and IC-F8101 radios.

  • Icom Relay-driven automatic tuning antenna
  • 125W PEP SSB and data
  • 2.2MHz–29.999MHz
  • Compact and lightweight (3.5kg)
  • 150mS typical high-speed tuning (while memory tuning)
  • Low power consumption (0.4A typical)

Note: This radio requires the use of a HF antenna, and a GPS receiver to enable GPS functions (optional add-on's).

What's in the box:
1   F8101 Radio
1   Hand Microphone (HM-193)
1   External Speaker (SP-35L)
1   Mic Hanger Kit  
1   DC Power Cable
1   Owner's Manual

Antenna Information

You will need an antenna for this radio. We recommend the Icom AH-740 antenna to take full advantage of the radio's capabilities. You will also need a separate GPS antenna, we recommend the Icom UX-248 GPS antenna. 

    Radios modified at the customer's request, such as programming or installation of logic boards, are not returnable.  For more information please see our Returns Policy.

    This radio is requires an FCC license to operate. We can assist you with getting a license.

    General Features
    FCC Approval Part 90 (Business License)
    Frequency Band(s) HF - Rx: 500kHz-29.9999MHz, Tx: 1.6-29.9999MHz
    # of Channels & Zones 500 Channels
    Output Power 125W, 50W, 10W
    Display Yes
    # of Programmable Keys 3
    Receiving Audio Output n/a
    Digital No
    Trunking Capable No
    Voice Scrambler | Encryption No

    Radio Programming Options

    The following does not apply to FRS, MURS, GMRS, LTE, Satellite, or IP radios.

    Most business radios aren't ready to use out-of-the-box. So radio programming is needed to set the frequencies in the radio. For some radios the frequencies can be set through a menu interface. While other radios must be programmed using a PC, radio software, and a cable to connect the radios.

    Here are your programming options:

    • You can program the radio(s)
      • For radios with pre-stored frequencies you can easily program them through the radio's menu interface.
      • For PC programmable radios you will need the programming cable(s) and software. In many cases you can purchase this from us.
    • We can program your radios
      • Email us your Frequencies & Call Sign - the FCC requires dealers to verify your license before we program.
      • Please allow 1-2 days for first-time setup of radio programming.
    • Match to your Previous Order
      • If you've ordered from us before we have your information stored.
    • If you don't have a FCC license we can help you apply for one
      • These licenses are for businesses, non-profit organizations, local and state government agencies.
      • We do all the work! Give us a call at 855-289-2929.

    What is included in Basic Radio Programming?

    Basic radio programming is designed to get you up and running with a configuration which includes:

    • Up to 16 channels programmed to your FCC assigned frequencies (simplex or duplex)
    • A default configuration of key functions
    • Your program settings saved for future purchases
    • No password protection to allow re-programming by another person

    For customers who already have radios we will match from your existing radio of the same model (requires you to send us a radio). 


    Programming Services Not Included:

    At this time we do not provide programming of advanced features. The features below are NOT included with basic programming.

    • Programming radios purchased elsewhere
    • More Than 16 Channels
    • Channel Scan / Priority Scan
    • Encryption
    • Signal Tones (DTMF, 5-Tone, 2-Tone)
    • Private (1 to 1) calling
    • Group 1 to many calling
    • All Call
    • Emergency System
    • Man Down System
    • Lone Worker
    • Advanced Audio Profiles
    • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
    • Voice Announcement
    • Text Messaging
    • Work Order Ticketing
    • ARTS
    • Remote Monitor
    • Telephone Interconnect

    * This does not include all advanced features and should only be used to establish an example of what features are to be considered to be advanced.

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    Icom F8101 HF Mobile Radio