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Icom F3400D | F4400D Digital Two-Way Radio

Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D F4400D
Icom F3400D | F4400D Digital Two-Way Radio

Available Options

Icom IC-F3400D | IC-F4400D - Digital, Bluetooth, Waterproof, Encryption

  • 32 Channels (Base Model)
  • 1024 Channels (Model S or T)
  • VHF F3400D or UHF F4400D
  • 5 or 12 Programmable Keys
  • High-Resolution Color Display
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS
  • IDAS Single-site and Multi-site Type D Trunking (optional upgrade)
  • IDAS Single-site and Multi-site Type C Trunking (optional upgrade)
  • Digital or Analog Channels
  • 5 Watts
  • Channel Announce
  • Vibration Alert
  • Waterproof (IP68)
  • Digital Voice Recording
  • PC programmable
  • Compact Design

Icom F3400D VHF | F4400D UHF At-A-Glance

The high-resolution color display is easy to read in all types of lighting. Function icons and menu items make it easy to understand. The night mode LCD setting is an alternative for use in night time or low lighting conditions. The glass is scratch resistant to protect from cracks and scratches.

The built-in Bluetooth provides wireless hands-free communication when paired with a third-party Bluetooth headsets. When connected with Bluetooth telemetric devices or PC terminals, data or files can be wirelessly transferred.

The Icom F3400D | F4400D radio can record incoming and outgoing communications, and replay recorded communications. When a 32 GB microSD card is used, a Max. 500 hours recording is possible.

It's compact design makes this radio easy to carry. There is a Channel Announce feature so when you change to another channel the radio announces the new channel number or zone. With the standard Li-Ion battery you get approximately 10 hours of operating time on each charge, witht he high-capacity battery approximately 16 hours of operation.

Icom F3400D | F4400D Built-in Bluetooth

The F3400D and F4400D support devices that are Bluetooth either 2.1 EDR or 3.0. It's imporstant to check compatibility before trying to pair devices.

Icom F3400D | F4400D Trunking

The F3400D | F4400D series can be upgraded to NXDN™ Type-C trunking, or Type-D single -site or multi-site trunking operation. Contacts us for more information on this feature. It is also compatible with IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional.

Icom F3400D | F4400D DES or Optional AES Encryption

If secure communication is an issue the F3400D | F4400D has the highest levels of encryption.  For digital communication security, the new IDAS radios provide basic 4-key DES encryption as standard. When used with the optional UT-134 encryption unit, 256-bit AES encryption and the OTAR (Over-the-Air Rekeying) function are available. For efficiency in managing your radio fleet, the OTAP (Over-the-Air-Programming) function allows remote change of programmed settings over the radio channel. The OAA (Over-the-Air-Alias) function sends user name over the radio channel and eliminates needs to program the alias table.

Icom Extended Warranty
Icom America Inc offers a 1, 2 or 3 year Extended Warranty on their land mobile radios. The Extended Warranty period starts after the standard warranty period expires.   This is a full manufacturer's warranty, backed by Icom America and it's service technicians.  Protect your original investment by adding Extended Warranty coverage.   

End user pays all shipping fees to and from the service department for repairs.  Extended Warranty must be purchased at time of product purchase.  Icom Service centers are located in  the following states;  Washington, California, Illinois, and New York.

What's in the box:
1   F3400D or F4400D Radio (choose; VHF or UHF)
1   Rapid Charger
1   Antenna
1   Battery Li-ion (choose standard or high-capacity)
1   Belt Clip
1   Owner's Manual

Radios modified at the customer's request, such as programming or installation of logic boards, are not returnable.  For more information please see our Returns Policy.

This radio is requires an FCC license to operate. We can assist you with getting a license.

General Features
Frequency Band(s) VHF (F3400D) & UHF (F4400D)
# of Channels & Zones 32 or 1024
Output Power 5W
Weight (with battery) 6 oz without Battery
Display Yes, High-Resolution Color Display
# of Programmable Keys 5 or 12
Full 16-Key Keypad Optional
IP Rating (Water & Dust) IP68
Receiving Audio Output Active Noise Canceling
Digital Yes
Trunking Capable Yes
Voice Scrambler | Encryption Yes, DES encryption is standard, or optional AES can be installed
Other Built-in Bluetooth & GPS, Voice Recorder, USB connector, Motion detector, Channel Announce

Icom F3400D | F4400D Digital Two-Way Radio