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Icom CT-24 Digital Voice Converter

Icom CT-24
Icom CT-24 Digital Voice Converter
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  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: CT-24
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Digital Voice Converter (supplied with RCFS10)

The CT-24 is a AMBE2 vocoder that allows analog to digital and vice versa conversions. Works with either the VEPG3 or VEPG4 RoIP gateway that bridges different land mobile radio systems.

Use the CT-24 in a variety of ways:

  • Analog-to-Digital Bridge - Allows analog devices connected to the VEPG-4 to talk with digital systems.
  • Every Icom RC-FS10 (Icom RoIP Remote Software Communicator) comes with one CT-24. Add multiple CT-24’s for additional voice paths on the RC-FS10.
  • You can have up to 8 CT-24's per RC-FS10.
  • Multiple CT-24’s allows simultaneously for receipt of multiple digital NXDN received at the same time.

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Icom CT-24 Digital Voice Converter