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Simplex License - Public Safety Pool PW

Simplex License
Simplex License - Public Safety Pool PW

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For state or local government modifications to licenses below 470MHz that have not expired in the PW - Public Safety Pool.

Simplex (below 470MHz)

Good for 10 years, for State and Local government agencies who don't use a repeater or base station. A Simplex License allows use of handheld and/or mobile radios within up to a 49 mile radius of a defined location (80 kilometer radius).

What you get...

  • For either VHF or UHF (below 470MHz)
  • For radio-to-radio communications
    • Handheld and/or mobile radios
    • No repeaters, base stations, or fixed base antennas allowed on a Simplex license
  • Good for 10 years
  • For use at your location and the surrounding area within up to a 80 kilometer radius (49 miles)

How it works...

  • All it takes is to complete a short questionnaire.
  • We do all the calculations for latitude/longitude, AAT, ERP, and other technical data.
  • We do all the paperwork, submission, and track your application to completion.
  • This package is all-inclusive, covers all FCC fees paid on your behalf ¹.
  • Then sign your final paperwork.... We take care of the rest!

Note: You must qualify as a US government agency to apply for this license.

¹ Some modifications may incur additional fees because they require re-coordination, inter-service fees, or other FCC requirements. These fees are not known until coordination. If this is the case we will provide a full refund should you chose to not go forward with the modifications.

Licensing Terms
The price includes all FCC fees, which we pay on your behalf. Because of this, once we receive your completed questionnaire a refund cannot be provided. All licenses are granted at the discretion of the FCC.

FCC License for Public Safety

Warning   Be advised, serious penalties and prosecution can result from unlicensed transmission on frequencies which require a license, and/or interference with public safety transmissions.

All Land Mobile radios (LMR) require an FCC license to operate.

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Simplex License - Public Safety Pool PW