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FCC License - Public Safety PW Pool - Quote Request

FCC License -
FCC License - Public Safety PW Pool - Quote Request

FCC License for Public Safety - PW Pool

Good for 10 years, for public safety agencies needing frequencies in the PW Pool.

Tell us what you need...

  • The # of frequencies and type.
  • The # of fixed locations (towers/repeaters, base stations, etc.) you have.

How it works...

  • We will send you a quote based on the information you provide.
  • If you decide to continue, we will call for your credit card details.
  • Then we will send you a short questionnaire.
  • We do all the calculations for latitude/longitude, AAT, ERP, and other technical data.
  • We do all the paperwork, submission, and track your application to completion.
  • We interface with the FCC and/or coordinators on any issues that arise.
  • This package covers all FCC fees identified at the time of order. 2

1 Note: Fixed locations are either repeaters/towers, base station radios, or call boxes.

2 Note:   It cannot always be determined if additional fees are required. Some times Letters of Concurrence are needed, or ARS's are  required. These issues are identified as part of the coordination process, and are not known in advance.

Who is eligible for this type of license?

This license is for public safety organizations.

About Antenna Structure Registration (ASR)

Some fixed base antennas must be filed with the FCC and FAA either due to their height and/or proximity to an airport. Generally, antennas under 6.1 meters (20ft) do not require ASR/FAA filing.

We can run a evaluation to see if your antenna will likely require these filings. There is no fee for this evaluation, we perform this as a courtesy. Please call us if you like this evaluation.

The ASR consists of filing several documents and legal notices. Please note the process will take a 2-3 months to complete. The ASR registration process occurs in two parts; FCC ASR filing, and FAA filing.

Please understand that there is no guarantee the FAA/FCC will grant the ASR.


Licensing Terms
The price includes all FCC fees, which we pay on your behalf. Because of this, once we receive your completed questionnaire a refund cannot be provided. All licenses are granted at the discretion of the FCC.


FCC Repeater License for Public Safety

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FCC License - Public Safety PW - Request a Quote