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Mobile Mark and Comtelco brand antennas cover the full range of frequencies including LMR frequencies at 25-174 MHz and 220-512 MHz, Cellular and P25 frequencies and WiFi frequencies.

Founded in 1984, with roots in the CB Antenna industry, Mobile Mark was a pioneer in the early Cellular trials in Chicago. Over the years, our range of antennas has grown as the wireless industry evolved. Today, we design and manufacture antennas operating on the frequency bands 30 MHz–7.2 GHz.

Comtelco BS150U | 150 - 156 MHz 0dB Fiberglass Omni Base Station AntennaOmni Antenna Frequency Range (MHz)450-470Gain0 dBdBandwidth (MHz)Same as Freq RangeElectrical Downtilt0Power (watts)250Vert. Beamwidth75 DegTerminationN-FemaleJumper SuppliedNoMounting HardwareBSMNT2 mounting kit (not included)S..
Laird A150 or AB150 VHF Antenna Reliable Performance: Rated at 250 watts and Unity gain, you can expect years of continuous service. Rugged Construction: The radiating elements are supported internally and constructed of copper alloy. They are welded and/or soldered to prevent any inter-modul..
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