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Radio Repeaters & Communication Gateways

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Radio Repeaters & Communication Bridges

A radio repeater is a specialized two-way radio designed to increase the communication range of a radio system.  It receives signals on one frequency and transmits them at a higher power on another frequency simultaneously, acting as a "relay station" boosting the power of the signal when it re-transmits. Repeaters are usually placed in high locations such as mountain tops, the tops of buildings, or installed on towers, this is done to further increase their range.

Main Types of Two-Way Radio Repeaters
  • Same Band Repeaters - Operate on one frequency band (i.e.VHF or UHF).  Input and output frequencies may be different but they are on the same band.
  • Cross Band Repeaters - Also called X-Band Repeaters. Used to connect radio systems that each use different bands (UHF, VHF, Airband).
  • Mobile Repeaters - Are repeaters used in vehicles to boost signals.
  • Combination Repeaters - All-in-one units that act as both a base station radio and repeater, some models include a built-in power supply.

Bridge Solutions
  • Cross Band Repeaters - Also called X-Band Repeaters can bridge different bands (UHF, VHF, Airband). 
  • Gateways - Can link different communication technologies such as radio systems, LTE or LAN systems, and PA systems.
Ritron RIB-700DMR RADIO-TO-INTERCOM BRIDGE DMR Digital technology.Connect to existing PA system.Leverage existing radios.Create an added layer of security.The RitronRadio-To-Intercom Bridge receiver is designed to interface to an existing wired Public Address Intercom system and allow PA or int..
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