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Vertex-Standard Repeaters

Vertex-Standard Professional Repeaters for Business

Vertex Standard Repeaters

Vertex Standard Repeaters for Business Two-Way Radios

Vertex Standard offers several different repeaters to meet your needs. From simple basic repeaters to higher powered rack mount repeaters. Vertex Standard repeaters offer excellent value. All Vertex Standard repeaters carry a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Vertex Standard VXR-7000 VHF UHF Repeater & Base Station
► 16 Channels ► 50 Watts (Adjustable) ► 8 Character Display ► 2 Character Numeric Display ► Automatic DC Power Supply Backup Capable ► Continuous Duty Cycle ► Easily Switch Between Repeater and Base Station Modes ► Operator or Remote Controlled ► Emergency and ANI DTMF Decoding Built-in..
Vertex Standard VXR-9000 Repeater & Base Station
► 32 Channels ► 50 or 100 Watt Models (Adjustable) ► 25 or 50 Watts Continuous Duty Cycle ► 6 Dual -Function Programmable Keys ► Power Supply Backup with Alert ► Designed for High Reliability ► Easily Switch Between Repeater and Base Station Modes ► Automatically Performs Pre-programmed Command S..

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