Two-Way Radios for Churches

Two-Way Radios for Churches

Best Radios for Churches

Two-way radios can make a difference in the smooth running of church activities.  From managing a busy Sunday parking lot, coordinating events and activities, or responding to emergencies, two-way radios can be a godsend to any congregation, large or small. Two-way radios can help older, or disabled, members still contribute to activities and manage responsibilities without requiring them to run around church grounds trying to stay in contact.

The two-way radios we recommend for churches are small, lightweight, easy to use, and affordable.  UHF versions will be best for using both indoors and outdoors.

Places of worship need radios that are...

  • Simple to use
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Extra loud for noisy parking lots
  • Whisper mode for church services
  • Generally, UHF works best

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These are radios selected by us for their tough durability, easy operation, and popularity among religious organizations.

BlackBox Bantum 2-Way Radio

BlackBox Bantum 2-Way Radio

BlackBox B..


Connect Systems CS100 UHF Two-Way Radio
Icom F3001 | F4001 Two-Way Radio

Icom F3001 | F4001 Two-Way Radio



Midland BR200 BizTalk Radio - 6 Pack
Midland BR200 Two-Way Radio

Midland BR200 Two-Way Radio

Midland BR..


Midland LXT600BB 2 Watt FRS Radio - 8 Pack
Motorola VX-261 Two-Way Radio

Motorola VX-261 Two-Way Radio

* Rebate n..


Ritron LM-U450 Loudmouth Wireless PA - UHF
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