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Best Two Way Radios for Clinics | Nursing Homes

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Best Radios for Clinics and Nursing Homes

Two way radios are the ideal tool to improve efficiency. Equipping staff with radios provides a quick and simple way to communicate throughout your facility.

Healthcare is a diverse group. Clinics and nursing homes are smaller, with less staff than larger hospitals. One to two channel radios are adequate for many of these practices, but more channels may be helpful for different groups to talk among themselves.

Medical offices are usually smaller than hospitals, so range is not a concern. Larger facilities that span multiple floors or buildings will need a more powerful radio and should look at our recommendations for Hospitals.

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Motorola SL300 Digital Two-Way Radio Motorola SL300 Digital Two-Way Radio
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Motorola's SL300 - Small & Easy-to-Use Digital Radio 2 or 99 Channels 2 Modes - Analog or Digital Optional Display Model 3 Watts Battery Life: 12 Hrs (digital), or 11 Hrs (analog) Compatible with MOTOTRBO MDC-1200® Encode/Decode, 5-Tone, 2-Tone (analog mode) Motorola SL300 ..
Motorola VL50 Two Way Radio Motorola VL50 Two Way Radio
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Motorola VL50 Two Way Radio - Small, Lightweight & Simple-to-Use 1 Watt of Power 8 Channels Coverage area (Up to 200,000 sq. ft. or 15 floors) 56 Frequencies with 121 Interference Eliminator CodesEasy User Setup Extra Large Push-to-Talk Button Keypad Lock 7 Call Tones or VibraCal..
Motorola VT100 Body-Worn CameraEnterprise managed incident recorder for personal and site securityVMS integrationAudio Capture 720p HD video130° Field of ViewRemote alarm activationUp to 3 hours continuous recording1.5 hours of live streamingSix month stand-by battery-lifeFront Display Message16GB r..
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