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Microphones for Mobile & Base Radios

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Icom VS-3 Bluetooth Earpiece & Mic w/PTT  for Amateur Mobile Radios: Use with Icom amateur radios: IC-2730A ID-5100A Requires bluetooth option board UT-133 to be installed in radio...
Base Station / Repeater Speaker Microphone Compatible with KENWOOD radios: NX-700, NX-720HG, NX-740HV NX-800, NX-820HG, NX-840HU NX-900, NX-901, NX-920G NX-3720HG NX-3820HG NX-3920G, NX-3921G NX-5600H NX-5700, NX-5700H NX-5800 NX-5900 NXR-710, NXR-810 NXR-900, NXR-901 TK-6110 TK-71..
Motorola AAG22X501 MH-75A8J DTMF Microphone with 16-Key Keypad For use with VX-2100 / VX-2200 / VX-4500 / VX-4600 / VX-7200 / EVX-5300 / EVX-5400..
Vertex Standard MH-67A8J Standard Palm Microphone Standard Palm Microphone.  Replaces discontinued palm microphone MH-25A8J.   For use with mobile radios; VX-2100 / 2200 / 4500 / 4600 / 7200 / VXD-7200And repeaters; VXR-1000 / 7000 / 9000 / VXD-R70..
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