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Icom RoIP Gateway

Icom RoIP Gateway

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Icom CT-24 Digital Voice Converter
The CT-24 is a AMBE2 vocoder that allows analog to digital and vice versa conversions. Use the CT-24 in a variety of ways: Allows analog devices connected to the VEPG-3 to talk with digital systems. Every Icom RC-FS10 (Icom RoIP Remote Software Communicator) comes with one CT-24. Add mult..
Icom VE-PG3 RoIP Gateway
Icom VE-PG3  Designed to enhance communication coverage and flexibility of radio network configurations, the Icom VE-PG3 has two function modes: bridge and converter. The VE-PG3 'bridge mode' connects two or more radios systems over the internet. Radio users can talk to other users on..
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