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Radio over IP (RoIP)

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What is RoIP?

Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) is a special type of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  VoIP is a method of taking audio signals and converting them into digital signals, then transmitting those signals over the internet and re-assembling the audio at the receiving location. Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) works much the same as VoIP.  However, RoIP converts both audio voice and radio command signals, such as PTT and COR, into digital signals and then transmits those signals.

Benefits of RoIP

► Removes the high cost of leased phone lines to remote base stations.
► Allows multiple PC dispatch consoles.
► Base station equipment can be easily connected to RoIP gateway.
► Allows greater flexibility and integration of your radio resources.
► Enables more flexibility in repeater locations.
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Icom CT-24 Digital Voice Converter
The CT-24 is a AMBE2 vocoder that allows analog to digital and vice versa conversions. Use the CT-24 in a variety of ways: Allows analog devices connected to the VEPG-3 to talk with digital systems. Every Icom RC-FS10 (Icom RoIP Remote Software Communicator) comes with one CT-24. Add multiple CT-24’s to add more voice paths on the RC-FS1..
Icom IP100FS RoIP Remote Communicator Software for PC
Icom IP100FS Remote Communicator Software IP100FS is an IP-based PC-dispatcher and serves as an additional radio in your network. For use with Icom's innovative IP100H wireless LAN radios.  The IP100FS software handles all types of calls such as individual and group calls or text messages. Messages can be sent as free text or predefined. Th..
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Icom IP100H Wireless Network Radio (WLAN)
► Waterproof ► Compact Design ► License Free ► Uses Your Wireless LAN Network ..
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Icom RC-FS10 RoIP Remote Communicator Software for PC
Icom RC-FS10 Remote Communicator RoIP Solution Icom's Remote Communicator RC-FS10 allows your radio system to be remotely managed from your office, home, or anywhere, using a PC and the internet.  The Icom RC-FS10 creates a virtual radio dispatch center on a Windows® PC. The PC software provides a basic set of programmable dispatcher consol..
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Icom VE-PG3 RoIP Gateway
Icom VE-PG3  Designed to enhance communication coverage and flexibility of radio network configurations, the Icom VE-PG3 has two function modes: bridge and converter. The VE-PG3 'bridge mode' connects two or more radios systems over the internet. Radio users can talk to other users on different radio systems over the internet. The VE..
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