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2way Radios
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Two-way radios are a key ingredient in keeping a store running smoothly. Customer service, employee productivity, and profits are all improved through timely communication. Need to call for a price, check stock, or get another check-out line going? Two-way radios make these tasks so much quicker and easier. Retail operations need radios that are:

• Simple to use
• Durable
• Affordable


Stores Under 200,000 sq ft
      Radio Channels     Watts    # Prog
Key Features Options
  ICOM F4001 16 4 2 • Extra Loud Audio   • Surveillance Mode
  Kenwood TK3400U4P   4 2 2 • Pre-Stored Frequencies
  Kenwood PKT-23 4 1.5 4 • Ready to Use (no setup)  • Credit Card Size        
  Kenwood XLS TK3230 6 1.5   • Ready to Use (no setup)  • Menu Driven    • Display
  Motorola SL300 2 or 99 3
Digital   • Simple to Use   Display Optional
Stores Over 200,000 sq ft
       Select UHF models: # Channels Watts # Prog Keys Display Key Features Options
  Motorola MVX-261
16 5 2   •  Extra Loud Audio   
  Kenwood TK3402U16P  16 5 2   • Voice Scrambler


Need an FCC License?
Do you need an FCC license but don't want to deal with all of that confusing FCC paperwork?  If you are purchasing radios from us and need a license we will help you through the FCC licensing process at no extra charge.  All you pay are the actual licensing costs.  After ordering your radios just give us a call and we will take care of the rest.  All it takes is a short phone call and your signature on the paperwork.