Radios By Industry

Radios for All Industries

What Are Others In Your Industry Using?

Each industry has its own set of needs when it comes to two-way radios. Some industries require extra loud audio to be heard in noisy areas, others need security and surveillance functions, still others need waterproof radios or radios for use in areas with explosive materials. There are dozens of features on each radio, and many radios to choose from. 

To make things easier, we have developed a list of 2-way radios by industry. Within some industry categories, we have also broken recommendations down by smaller operations vs larger ones. We know one size does not fit all. Our lists for each industry are based on radio features important to that industry’s needs, and popular radio models purchased by users in that industry.


Auto Dealerships



Churches  -  Places of Worship


Mining - Combustible Job-Sites

Construction  -  Building Maintenance


Petrochemical  -  Oil & Gas Refineries

Education  -  Schools  -  Universities


Retail Stores  -  Grocery Stores

Events  -  Theme Parks  -  Museums


Restaurants  -  Clubs

Fire Departments


Security  -  Surveillance  -  Prisons

Forestry  -  Farming - Ranching


Taxis  -  Buses  -  Delivery Service

Golf Courses



Hospitals  -  Clinics  -  Nursing Homes



Hotels  -  Resorts  -  Casinos


Please note:  Radios must be using the same frequency to communicate with each other.  VHF, UHF, MURS, and CB are types of radios, each with different frequency ranges. A UHF radio will not communicate with a VHF, MURS, or CB radio. The same applies to each of the radio frequency bands (CB can't communicate with a UHF, etc.).