Two-Way Radios for Manufacturing

Two-Way Radios for ManufacturingGood communication is essential to a smooth running manufacturing operation. There's lots to keep on top of when you're running a factory.  Every minute counts. Whether it's your factory floor or your warehouse, two-way radios help make sure production schedules are met and productivity is high.

Two way radios for manufacturing and industrial operations need specific features. You don't need a lot of bells and whistles. But you do need two-way radios that are rugged to withstand the harsh environment of industrial operations. You also need 2-way radios which can be heard easily on noisy factory floors and are simple to use. You should choose UHF for better coverage of your talk range. Factory managers need radios that are: Rugged for daily use, Simple to use, have Loud Audio for noisy factory floors.

Combustible Manufacturing Locations

Some factory operations have combustible job-sites, sites where explosive gases or particles are present.  It's important to know if you need Intrinsically safe or non-incendive radios. These radios are designed for safe operation in locations where explosive gases and particles are present.

For more information about intrinsically safe radios see Intrinsically Safe Radios and Combustible Job-Sites.

For a list of intrinsically safe radios please visit Combustible Job-sites. 

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Radios for Manufacturing

These are radios selected by us for their tough durability, easy operation, and popularity among manufacturing companies.

Icom F1000 VHF | F2000 UHF Two-Way Radio
Volume Discounts ► 16 or 128 Channels ► 3 or 7 Programmable Buttons ► 8 Character Display Option  ► Loudest Audio 1,500mW  ► 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) ► Waterproof & Rugged ► Compact Design ► Repeater Capable ► PC Programming Setup ..
Connect Systems CS100 UHF Two-Way Radio
Connect Systems CS100 UHF Two-Way Radio          Most Affordable
► 32 Channels ► 2 Programmable Keys ► Easy to Use ► Affordable  ► Extra Loud Audio (1,000mW) ► 4 Watts (UHF) ► Repeater Capable ► VOX Ready ► Battery and Charger Included..
► 5 Watts ► UHF ► 16 Channels ► 2 Programmable Keys ► Extra Loud Audio 1,000mW  ► Lone Worker and Emergency Alert ► Multiple Scan Modes ► Radio-to-radio Cloning ..
Motorola MOTOTRBO CP200d Two Way Radio
► Digital ►16 Channels ► 2 Programmable Buttons ► 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) ► Rugged  ► Repeater Capable ► 2 Year Warranty..
Motorola MVX-261 Two-Way Radio | Vertex Standard
► 16 Channels ► 5 Watts ► 2 Programmable Keys ► 700mW Speaker ► Lone Worker and Emergency Alert ► Multiple Scan Modes ► Radio-to-radio Cloning ► Compact Size ► Programmable Frequencies..
Icom F3001 VHF | F4001 UHF Two-Way Radio
Icom F3001 VHF | F4001 UHF Two-Way Radio         Most Affordable
► 16 Channels ► 2 Programmable Keys ► Easy to Use ► Affordable ► Extra Loud Audio (800mW) ► 20 Hours of Operation     ► 4 / 5 Watts (UHF / VHF) ► Repeater Capable ► Easy PC Programming Setup   ► Battery and Charger Included.
Vertex Standard EVX-534-G7-BNDL 6-Pack Bundle

  Vertex EVX-534-G7 Digital Two Way Radio Bundle        Incredible Discount
  ► 6 Radios   ► 6 Batteries ► 6 Antennas ► 6 Desktop Chargers ► 6 Belt Clips ► 6 Speaker Mics  ► 1 Gang Charger