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Use the charts below to compare the different Icom radio models in Icom's line-up of LMR radio products. Quickly compare channels, features, signaling types, and even see accessory connector information. The first chart overviews all analog radios. The second chart covers all digital radios.

Icom Analog Handheld Radios

Click on the links ⇒         F3011 | F4011      F3001 | F4001       F1000 | F2000    F1000S | F2000S  F50V | F50V
Replaced by the F52D F62D
     F3161 | F4161  
Icom Analog Handheld Radios


Icom Digital Handheld Radios

Click on the links ⇒              F1000D | F2000D F3210D | F4210D F3230D | F4230D F3261D | F4261D F3360D | F4360D    F52D | F62D    F3400D | F4400D
Icom Digital Handheld Radios Comparison


All Icom Radios