Connect Systems CS100 - UHF, Entry Level, Easy to Use

  • UHF 400-470MHz
  • 32 Channels
  • IP-65 Rated for Ruggedness
  • 2 Programmable Keys
  • 1300mAh Standard Li-Ion Battery, or upgrade to 1700mAh High Capacity Battery
  • Extra Loud Audio (1,000mW)
  • 4 Watts
  • Repeater Capable
  • VOX Ready
  • Battery & Charger Included
  • 2-pin Motorola type assessor connector (2.5mm/3.5mm)
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Connect Systems CS100 AT-A-Glance

The Connect Systems CS100 is a great entry-level UHF radio.  It's simple to use, affordable, very small and light-weight.  The, and rugged enough for normal day-to-day use.  It is also tested to MIL-STD-810F standards for ruggedness. It has a full 4 watts of power.

The Connect Systems CS100 has a number of features that make it easy to use.  It comes with a Channel Announce feature, announcing the channel each time it is changed, handy for workers who can't take their eyes off the job.  The radio is VOX ready, meaning you can attach a hands-free headset. There is a Battery Check button that will indicate which one of 4 battery charge levels you have remaining.  There are 3 power modes (high, medium, and low) so you can set the power level high when you need greater range, and low when you want to conserve your battery life.

The CS100 radio supports a variety of signalling options: 2Tone, 5Tone, DTMF, MDC1200, allowing PTT ID, Individual Call, and Group Call functions. The CS100 also support CTCSS and DCS codes for scanning.  And of course there is an emergency alarm transmitted when the Emergency button is pushed.

The CS100 has a full 1,000mW of audio power.  This means it can be heard in some of the noisiest areas over equipment and other loud noise.  Also, the voice clarity is the best clarity available on the market.

The CS100 is compliant with US narrowband regulations.  However, the CS100 may also be programmed to wideband for use on amateur frequencies.

What's in the box:

1   CS100 UHF Radio (400-470MHz)
1   Desktop Rapid Charger
1   110V AC Adapter
1   Antenna
1   Battery (Li-Ion)
1   Belt Clip
1   Owner's Manual


Radios modified at the customer's request, such as programming or installation of logic boards, are not returnable.  For more information please see our Returns Policy.

This radio is requires an FCC license to operate. We can assist you with getting a license.

General Features
Frequency Band(s) UHF
# of Channels & Zones 32
Output Power 4 Watts
Weight (with battery) 8.3oz
Display No
# of Programmable Keys 2
Full 16-Key Keypad No
IP Rating (Water & Dust) IP65
Receiving Audio Output 1,000mW
Digital No
Trunking Capable No
Voice Scrambler | Encryption No
Other Channel Announce feature, Password Protection feature

Connect Systems CS100 UHF Two-Way Radio

  • $134.95

  • 6 or more $129.95
  • 12 or more $124.95
  • 18 or more $120.95

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