Buyer's Guide - Small & Lightweight Radios

These two-way radios are some of the smallest, lightest business radios on the market. Yet they still have many functions of larger radios. These small business radios don't typically provide as much range as larger radios, but they do provide adequate coverage for many types of users. And those users prefer the small size and lightweight.

They're perfect of light-duty indoor operations such as restaurants, clubhouses, dentist offices, small clinics, nursing homes, catering, event planning, and medical offices.


First, I need help deciding if VHF or UHF is best for me.

Kenwood ProTalk PKT-23 UHF Two-Way Radio
► 1.5 Watts ► 4 Channels ► UHF ► Easy-to-Operate ► Credit Card Size ► Out-of-the-Box Ready..
► 2 or 99 Channels ► 3 Watts ► Easy Set-up ► Small & Lightweight ► 1 Year Warranty..
Kenwood TK-3230DX UHF Two-Way Radio
► 1.5 Watts ► UHF ► 6 Channels ► Compact Lightweight ► Menu Driven Display ► Out-of-the-Box Ready