Buyer's Guide - License Free Radios

These two-way radios can be used for either commercial or personal use, but without the hassle of needing an FCC license. Yet they're designed to standards found on commercial-grade business 2-way radios. They use either the 900MHz license-free frequencies, or the MURS license-free frequencies. And they come with many of the same features as other professional two-way radios.

900MHz Radios
The radios listed as "900MHz On-Site" typically provide coverage within an area of between 325,000 - 350,000 sq ft, and transmit at 1 watt. 900MHZ radios work well indoors, but have limited range outdoors.

MURS Radios
The MURS radios (Multi-Use Radio Service) use 5 VHF frequencies and tranmit at 2 watts. MURS radios tyipcally provide coverage between 3 and 5 miles outdoors (depending on conditions), and 1½ - 2½ miles in urban conditions. Indoors MURS radios are prone to "dead spots" as all VHF radios are. For more information on MURS radios, frequencies, and rules see MURS Radio.

Motorola DTR650 900MHz License-Free Two Way Radio
License Free ► 900MHz ► On-Site Usage ► Digital ► Rugged ► 150 Contact List ► 20 Public Groups ► 10 Private Groups ► 1 Year Warranty..
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