Buyer's Guide - Business Two-Way Radios

Business 2-way radios use frequencies assigned by the FCC for business use only. These radios are generally more powerful, rugged, have longer battery life, and clearer transmissions than consumer radios.

If you don't see a selection here (such as VOX or Emergency) it because almost all business radios we carry come with these features.

First, I need help deciding if VHF or UHF is best for me.

Select your most important need...

I want a simple basic two-way radio.
These radios are easy to use and have clear audio sound. They're the" work-horse" radios.

I want a digital two-way radio.
These radios provide the clearest audio sound and offer other digital functions.

I need a rugged two-way radio.
These are the toughest, most rugged radios. Rated IP57, IP67 or IP68.

I want a ultra-small two-way radio.
These light-duty radios are for restaurants, stores, dentist offices. These radios are 1 - 2 watts and very small.

I need a radio that works with a repeater.
These radios are fully programmable to allow repeater frequencies. Many of the radios we sell fall into this category.

I'd like a radio that doesn't require a license.
These radios use 900MHz frequencies or MURS frequencies. They don't require a license.

I need a radio for noisy locations.
Typically, a radio's speaker has 500mW output. These radios have 700mW to 1,000mW. Great for noisy locations.

I' like a radio with a full keypad.
These radios come with a display and full DTMF keypad.

I need a radio approved for use in hazardous locations.
These radios are rated Intrinsically Safe / ATEX, for use at combustible job-sites.

I prefer a radio with GPS.
These radios come with a built-in GPS positioning function.

I want a radio with Bluetooth.
These radios come with built-in Bluetooth.

Which radios are popular in my industry?
Look at radios by industry. We've listed radios by 37 different industries.

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