Buyer's Guide - Consumer Two-Way Radios

First, I need help deciding if VHF or UHF is best for me.

The radio will be for Personal use, and will be...     Radio TYPE Options
             • Used on land. No license, I'm only going to talk ½ mile (short range).   FRS  or  900MHz ISM
             • Used on land. No license, but I'd like greater range.   MURS  or  CB
             • Used on land. I'll get a simple license, I'd like the best range possible.   GMRS License - no exam required
             • Used on land. I'll get a license, I want the greatest range possible    Ham (Amateur Radio) - must pass an exam
             • Used on a boat (some Marine radios also come with Land Channels)   Marine Radio *
             • Used while in the air (flying or ballooning)   AirBand Radio *


We mainly sell commercial-grade two-way radios. However, we have several high-quality radios that can be used for either personal or business. The radios below can be used for personal communication without a license, and these radios are commercial-grade quality.


Motorola DTR700 900MHz License-Free Two Way Radio
License Free ► 900MHz ► On-Site Usage ► Digital ► Rugged ► 200 Contact List ► 50 Channels ► Display ► 1 Year Warranty